Discover high-quality, State Flags at affordable prices on the United States Flag Store! Explore our extensive collection of indoor and outdoor state flags that you can proudly display, either on their own or alongside the iconic American Flag. Learn valuable Information on Displaying State Flags with the American Flag. Order your State Flag today and experience swift shipping for your patriotic display!

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USA State Flags

The United States Flag Store offers a diverse range of state flags, catering to all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Explore our extensive collection of indoor and outdoor state flags, perfect for standalone displays or alongside the iconic American Flag. Read our article for Information on Displaying State Flags with the American Flag.

Comprehensive Collection: Flags of All 50 USA States

Showing pride for your home state or even just your favorite state has never been easier. We have the availability of not only all 50 of the United States flags but even the U.S. territories! Featuring a diverse selection of distinctive and stylish designs, you might find it challenging to decide on just one. Our inventory spans from Alabama to Wyoming, ensuring availability in various fabrics, sizes, and options to suit your preferences.

The majority of our state flags come with a nylon choice and are proudly manufactured in the United States under our exclusive brand, Super Tough. Additionally, we offer alternatives such as sewn polyester, polyester, cotton, and super knit polyester. Each fabric option has its corresponding printed and sewn versions based on your selection. Feeling unsure about which fabric to choose? Fear not! See below for a quick guide on the properties, advantages, and disadvantages of each fabric we carry.

Flag Fabrics

Nylon - Nylon flags are the most common choice when it comes to picking out a superb outdoor flag. This is because nylon flags are fairly inexpensive, lightweight, and look great. They effortlessly soar and flutter in the breeze, requiring minimal effort to showcase

Sewn Polyester - On the other end of the flag spectrum, we have sewn polyester, which stands out as the heaviest and most premium among our fabric options. While these flags come at a higher cost, they are exceptionally durable, making them perfect for outdoor use, especially in high winds and for continuous daily display. It's worth mentioning that these flags require stronger winds to fully display their majestic "flight." Despite being the priciest option, they offer unparalleled longevity, ensuring your flag proudly waves for many years to come.

Polyester - The polyester flags in our collection stand as the most budget-friendly among our flag choices, making them well-suited for indoor use or in areas with minimal exposure to weather, such as on a covered porch.

Cotton - While not as prevalent as other materials, cotton is another fabric crafted with indoor use in mind. It comes at a relatively low price and often boasts vibrant colors. Additionally, we offer cotton blends with polyester, specifically designed for our Car and Motorcycle Flags.

Super Knit Polyester - Super Knit, a unique polyester blend exclusively produced by our brand Super Tough, strikes a balance between nylon and polyester. Combining the appearance and texture of nylon with the durability akin to sewn polyester, these flags offer a distinctive blend of qualities.

US Territories

We offer flags for the U.S. territories, including Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Indoor State Flag Kits

We also have Indoor State Flag Kits made to showcase in the office, home, or classroom. These kits offer a build-your-own experience, starting with your choice of a 7ft or 8ft oak pole or a telescoping flagpole. You'll also have the opportunity to select a topper, choosing from options like a finial ball, spear, or an eagle. The kits include a matching indoor state flag adorned with gold fringe on three sides, accompanied by a base and an optional rope tassel. Ideal for classrooms, venues, fraternity lodges, state organizations, homes, and offices, these kits allow you to proudly display your home state with both ease and style.

Flying USA State & American Flags

It's a common practice in the United States to fly a U.S. state flag alongside the American flag. To ensure proper display, adhering to flag etiquette is crucial. The American flag consistently takes precedence on American soil, signifying its paramount importance and deserving of the highest honor. This principle dictates that the American flag should either be of the same size or, in most cases, larger than the state flag being flown. For instance, avoid pairing a 4ft by 6ft state flag with a smaller 3ft by 5ft American flag. Additionally, the state flag should not be flown higher on the same flagpole or from a superior vantage point on a different flagpole. Following these guidelines ensures a respectful and harmonious display of both flags side by side.

In summary, when displaying the American flag alongside any state flag, it should be of equal or larger size, positioned at the highest point, and typically placed on the far left. This arrangement effectively communicates its paramount importance, value, and significance.

To read up more on this topic, check out our Information on Displaying State Flags with the American Flag.

What Do USA State Flags Represent?

Every state flag in the United States symbolizes a unique set of characteristics derived from the specific state it represents. In broad terms, the state flag embodies not only the state itself but also encapsulates its values, significant historical elements, agriculture, resources, and moral principles. These elements collectively form the state's distinct identity, advocating its goodwill, intentions, code, and contributions to the nation as a whole.

Which USA State Flag has the Most Stars?

Contrary to a common misconception, it's worth noting that the state flag of Arkansas holds the distinction of featuring the highest number of stars, not Minnesota. Arkansas proudly displays a total of 29 five-point stars, surpassing Minnesota, which has 19 stars on its state flag.

Which USA State Flags Have Animals on Them?

Numerous U.S. state flags feature depictions of animals. For instance, eagles grace the flags of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Michigan's flag goes further to showcase an elk and moose in its design. California prominently displays a grizzly bear, while Missouri includes two bears. Delaware features an ox, and Idaho incorporates an elk and a horse into its flag. Kansas showcases two horses among other livestock, Louisiana depicts a pelican with chicks, and Maine proudly represents a moose. Wyoming's flag showcases a buffalo, Vermont features cattle, South Dakota displays horses tilling a farm, and New Jersey presents a profile of a horse.

Which USA state Flags are Red, White & Blue?

In addition to the American flag, many state flags incorporate the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue into their designs. States such as Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming prominently showcase these colors. Notably, Puerto Rico, although not a state but a U.S. Territory, also incorporates this characteristic into its flag design.