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Type Printed Polyester Superknit Polyester Outdoor Nylon Heavy Duty Polyester
Brand Online Stores Online Stores Valley Forge Valley Forge
Durability 1 Star 4 Stars 3 Stars 3 Stars
Flyability 5 Stars 5 Stars 4 Stars 4 Stars
US Made
2ft x 3ft $16.00
3ft x 5ft $5.95 $11.50 $20.00 $33.00
4ft x 6ft $35.00 $56.00
5ft x 8ft $55.00 $87.00
Florida Flags

Florida Flags

United States Flag Store is delighted to offer a variety of Florida flags to choose from. We carry Florida State flags in a variety of sizes and colorful sports flags that celebrate Florida's teams. Whether you're looking for a Florida flag for residential or commercial use, we have the flags you need to show your pride, patriotism and team spirit.

The Florida State flag is a popular choice for businesses and residents. The current flag design was created in the 1890s and features a red cross on a white background with Florida's state seal in the center. American and Florida flags are often flown together at government buildings.

For those that enjoy sports, we also carry a variety of sports flags that celebrate Florida's professional and NCAA teams. Whether you're a Rays fan, a Dolphins fan or prefer college sports, you'll find the right flag to show your team spirit.