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Spring and Summer Seasonal Garden Flags

Spring and Summer Seasonal Garden Flags

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Spring and Summer Themed Outdoor Seasonal Garden Flags

What better way to welcome the wonderful spring and summer fresh out of dreary winter than to put up your very own new garden flag. No matter what you are into, you are bound to find something you will just love. From the birds to the bees to seashells and turtles, these beautiful garden flags will liven up your outdoor space with their vibrant colors and sweet designs. With so many options to choose from, it's easy to personalize your outdoor space with these spring and summer garden flags.

These decorative garden flags are made of polyester with superior wearing quality and excellent fly ability. Each flag is meticulously designed, crafted, assembled, and individually tested to meet our highest quality and durability standards. They are specifically manufactured for outdoor use and measure at 12.5" x 18".

Types and Designs of Garden Flags

  • Welcome and Hello Flags- We have heartwarming Welcome and Hello Garden Flags that will put a smile on any visitor's face as they come to your house. These designs range anywhere from wishing a welcome and saying a hello to the long-awaited spring and summer to welcoming friends and guests to the seashore and to your home.
  • Floral and Flower Flags- Our floral and flower flags will make sure your garden is always in bloom. With an array of different decorative spring garden flags, you can shape your outside to look as beautiful as you'd like. With our lively colored garden flags, you won't need a green thumb to make these flowers grow.
  • Birds and Butterfly Flags- If you are looking to add more life to your garden, The United States Flag Store has charming and delightful garden flags with your choice of Birds and Butterflies. These designs help your garden to always looks inviting and cozy. Most of these flags are readable on both sides, so you can always see it!

Flag Poles for Decorative Garden Flags

To display your new decorative garden flags, the United States Flag Store offers Garden and Banner flagpoles. These Garden and Banner Flagpoles come in a variety of different designs and are made of metal. With their specific design, they are easy to install and don't leave a huge footprint. From the Carson Garden Flagpole- American Flag to the classic Garden Flag Scroll Bracket you can customize your garden space even more. And as always with these garden flagpoles, you can switch out the flags on them with ease making sure your area is always in season.

Can garden flags get wet?

Garden flags are specifically designed to be outside and can get a little wet, however during sever weather, it is recommended to take your garden flag down. A little bit of morning dew is going to be alright on your garden flag, but a full-on rainstorm can damage it. This is because when these flags get full of water, they will become heavier and possibly ruin the stitching with its added weight.

We are always adding more items so check back often, you can see all of our decorative and garden flags here!

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