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Spring & Summer Flags

Spring & Summer Flags

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Spring & Summer Garden Flags

From beach days and backyard barbeques to the hazy, lazy days spent on the couch with the AC and the tele going summer can take on many forms. And however you like to spend it, we support you. Sometimes it can take a while for it to get here with the long dredge of winter lingering through what is supposed to be spring, getting those random frigid nights all the way until the end of May. But! We sure as heck can welcome the season with open arms when it finally does get here.

Turn your front lawn or backyard into a cute, color-filled embrace of the season. With such a collection of Spring and Summer Garden Flags, you are sure to find something pretty to put up that tickles your fancy and greets you and your neighbors with a smile. 

Welcome and Hello

We have got a wide selection of Welcome Garden Flags, it may be hard for you to narrow down which one you want! Luckily for you, I am going to share with you a few of my favorites. 

Beautiful Outdoor Summer Garden Flags for your Yard and Outside your House

The Carson Summer Banner Flag with Beachcomber Starfish is the perfect addition to your lakeside resort. Alright, what if you don't have a lakeside resort? That's ok, you can get this flag anyway and feel like you do! With a simple starfish centered on this flag and "Welcome to the Shore," written above that, this piece features a great use of blues and greens giving it an overall nice Earthy tone. You'll feel like you are combing the beaches looking for sand dollars.

Another flag from the Carson Summer Series, this garden flag has some wonderful artwork of flamingos and palm leaves. It is a beautiful combination of pastels, shapes, and hibiscus flowers, the Carson Summer Banner Flag - Flamingo Palms is made with dura soft fabric and measures 28 inches by 40 inches. This particular garden flag would look fantastic next to some lighter greens due to the prominence of pink. Did you know that flamingos are actually born white and grey? Yep, in fact, the reason their feathers turn pink is because of the carotenoids found in their steady diet of algae, seaweed, and brine shrimp. 

Well, Hello Summer. That's the theme of this next garden flag. The Carson Banner Flag - Hello Summer shows an aerial shot of an array of vibrantly colored umbrellas on the beach. This flag measures 28 inches by 40 inches, is made with dura soft fabric and is readable on both sides. It is simple and would work swimmingly for those who want a splash of color added to their yard.

Summer Gnome

If you can't seem to get enough of these cute, bearded mythical little guys, then we have got you covered there too. The Carson Summer Banner Flag with Pool Gnome is just what you need by your favorite watering hole. With an abundance of daisies and other flowers, a gnome fitted with a trademark big, bushy beard, and his mini dino-unicorn flotation device, all ready to jump in the pool, how can you not smile at that? Welcome this gnome to your home, he just might bring you some good luck. 

Did you know that some people actually take their crabs out for a walk like someone would a dog? Yep, they sure do, side walking and all. And while you don't have to start walking around your own little crustacean, you can don the Carson Summer Garden Flag - Better By the Water. On this, we see a cute little blue crab walking on the dock (no leash and forward walking, mind you) over a net with some starfish and seashells with the saying, "Life is better by the water." Whether life really is better by the water or not, this still would make a really nifty flag to put up.


If decorating the front porch is more your speed, we got you covered for that too! We have got some lovely windsocks in stock fitted with beautiful colors and designs. 

First up we have the Summer Windsock with a Hummingbird. This is got some overall darling colors and is sure to catch any eye that spots it. 

Next, we got a Unicorn Windsock. Featuring a unicorn with a rainbow of colors, this windsock is for the young and the young at heart. 

Patriotic Garden Flags 

And for all the big summer parties and get-togethers or just to show some patriotic pride around the big American holidays like Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Labor Day, we got some great choices there too. 

The Super Tough Garden Flag- Firework Gnome is just one of a few we have on hand. This has got the bearded little fella in a stars and stripes hat holding an armful of fireworks ready to celebrate the day! You also get a nice splash of red, white and blue on this garden flag, what's not to like?

This next garden flag comes from Carson and has quite a cute approach. It features red ladybugs with white stars on their backs on a blue background and the word "Welcome," below that. The Carson Patriotic Garden Flag- Patriotic Ladybugs captures the best of both worlds with natural elements you'd literally find in your garden along with the iconic imagery of Old Glory.

Other Seasonal Garden Flags

Be sure to check out our other Holiday and Seasonal Flags because we keep those on hand too, far too many for me to label off here. Oh, alright, we cover fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day and more!

How do you position a garden flag?

To position a garden flag, you'll have to put the flag over the loop on the garden flag pole. You are going to start with the top of the flag and start feeding it through the loop on the open end of the flag and flagpole. Once your garden flag is in your desired position, you can use a rubber stopper next to the flag for added security. 

What fabric are garden flags made of?

There are a couple of different fabrics used to go into the making of garden flags. This is going to include fabrics like nylon, dura soft, and polyester. To get the most out of your garden flag we recommend using polyester or nylon garden flags, however, dura soft fabric will work as well. 

What are garden flags used for?

Garden flags are used to decorate and enhance your outside space, to make it your own, and express yourself. You can put up special garden flags around the holidays to celebrate and make your home more festive. You can also use them just because you want to!

How long do garden flags last?

Garden flags can last quite some time. While it's hard to put a set number on how long a garden flag will last, there is just a lot of factors involved with the end result, such as what material is used in the flag, the amount of sunlight it receives, and if you leave it out all the time. You can get more out of your garden flag if you take it down just before it rains or you receive any sort of inclement weather. Garden flags can last anywhere from 3 months to 10 plus years, it just depends on the flag and how well you take care of it.  

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