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18ft US Made Steel Flagpole by Valley Forge

This is one of our best sellers and is made with US-made steel with prices at a steal. It is suitable to put up in residential locations or as a commercial flagpole. Some of these locations may include businesses, schools, and libraries, as well as recreational spots such as parks and playgrounds. This flagpole also features a bronze or black finish to keep it looking sharp and to keep the steel in good shape. You can choose to add a 3' x 5' American flag that is made of sewn nylon and has embroidered stars, one of our most popular outdoor flags. This kit includes metalized 3-inch ball topper to give your flagpole that beautiful, classic look. You also get 2 nylon snap hooks and a braided halyard rope to make raising your flag just how it should be and how it's been done for years. With a rugged cleat and an 18" PVC ground sleeve, you can install your new flagpole with confidence.

This flagpole kit comes from the United States. We know finding the correct flagpole is an important decision and strive to do our best to help you make that.

Please note: Recommended max flag size for this pole is 3ft x 5ft. Flying 2 flags is not recommended.

This pole does not work with our AFPSL solar light

Kit Includes:

  • 2 nylon snap hooks
  • 18" PVC ground sleeve
  • Metalized 3" ball topper
  • Aluminum truck and cleat
  • Braided polypropylene halyard rope
  • 18 ft. 5 piece powder-coated flagpole
  • Optional 3' x 5' nylon American flag at additional charge

Flagpole has a 2" diameter.

How tall should a home flagpole be?

For most residential homes, at one to two stories, a 15 to 25-foot flagpole will look pretty good. Another consideration is the size of the flag you are going to be using. A good rule of thumb when deciding this is a flag should be approximately one-quarter to a third the size of the flagpole it is going to be flying from. For example, a 3-foot by 5-foot flag will look proportionate and proper on a flagpole that runs from 15 to 20 feet. This decision also comes down to cosmetic preference. Will a larger flag look nice next to your home? Maybe something a little more modest? All things to consider when making your decision. Be sure to check with your local ordinance to see if there is a limitation on flagpole size for your area. Finding the right flagpole for the location in your country is determined by several key factors. More windy areas will require something a little sturdier and may not benefit from a taller flagpole. We have also got a wonderful guide on the buying a flag here.

What is a telescopic flagpole?

A telescopic flagpole is a different option flagpole to that of your standard flagpoles. The telescopic flagpole folds in on itself, to where a traditional flagpole all comes together as a solid pole. The telescopic flagpole acts as a movable piece, and this lends it the ability to be more adjustable in height and for a quick takedown in potentially inclement weather.

Where to buy a flagpole?

The United States Flag Store is not only your source for flags but also your source for flagpoles. Anything from commercial grade, heavy duty, and inground flagpoles to garden flag holders and street banners, we got you covered. Check out our vast selection of Flag Poles here.

  • Made in the USA
  • Bronze or black finish
  • Flag optional at additional charge
  • 18ft Steel Flagpole, 2 inch diameter
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