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Residential Flag Kits

Residential Flag Kits

Proudly display an American flag, a military flag, a sports flag or a design that's special to you with a residential flag pole. Give your home curb appeal with a residential flag kit from the United States Flag Store. Read our article on Selecting a Flag Pole if you need help choosing what is best for your home.

Our flag kits come in wall-mounted or freestanding styles, allowing you to display your flag anywhere you like. Kits range in price and size, so take into account the dimensions of the flag you wish to fly when choosing your kit.

Our flag kits come in economy, standard and best-quality styles. Economy flags are the most affordable, offering style and a simple design at a low cost. They are suitable for use with lightweight flags and have basic halyards and finial decorations. Best-quality flag kits have upgraded flag pole hooks and are designed to hold heavier flags. The finial decorations are fancier and the poles are made of upgraded materials for greater durability.