Super Tough Polyester American Flags

For a limited time, FREE SHIPPING on all Super Tough Polyester Flags! Proudly made in the USA.

When in search of American flags for purchase, rely on the United States Flag Store to meet your needs. The Super Tough brand offers sewn polyester American flags, allowing you to proudly showcase your patriotism. Our extensive range includes various sizes suitable for year-round outdoor use. Crafted from durable, cutting-edge materials not found elsewhere, all Super Tough American Flags in our collection boast sewn stripes and embroidered stars, creating a visually striking contrast reminiscent of historical battlefields. Robust canvas headings secure the brass grommets, ensuring your flag stays firmly in place even in gusty winds. These heavyweight polyester flags serve as an ideal choice for any location requiring a sturdy American symbol. While Betsy Ross's initial flag didn't utilize this advanced material, we provide the same American-made quality that the flag symbolizes.