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Flag Pole Brackets

Flag Pole Brackets

Make sure your flag stays in place, whether it's on your porch, in your classroom or on the side of your home.
Our flagpole brackets are simple to install, economical and designed to last through many seasons of inclement weather. You'll find several brands in our catalog, including Annin, Eder, Online Stores, Inc., and Valley Forge, which means you can choose exactly what you want from one easy location.

United States Flag Store is your one-stop shop for flags and flag accessories. We carry American-made flagpole brackets that are built to last, including those designed to stay fixed in place and adjustable models. You'll find stationary aluminum flag brackets and those that can dip to lower your flags. We also carry brackets that hold multiple flags, which makes it easy to display an American flag alongside military branch flags or others. We even have quick-stick flag brackets that are ideal for mailboxes and other locations.

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