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American Flag: Patriotic Bunting/Decorative Pleated Fan

Super Tough has done it again! The United States Flag Store's very own brand, Super Tough, offers a fabulous product that really does earn its namesake for being super tough. These 3ft by 6ft sewn nylon pleated fans come with sewn stripes and printed stars to give you the best of both worlds as other competing pleated fans will only have one or the other. These Super Tough Brand 3ft x 6ft Sewn Nylon Pleated Fan are made in China but are still under our brand name. The quality we offer in our other products is still very much assured in these ones.

Made with a heavy-duty nylon, brass grommets and a strong canvas header make this the perfect choice to hang outdoors for any of your patriotic get togethers around the holidays such as, Memorial Day, the 4h of July, Labor Day, and other events where you need to showcase the stars and stripes. Nylon has been dubbed the all-weather material for being fast drying if it gets hit with rain and it's resiliency against fading in the sunshine. If you are looking to add that little bit of patriotic flare to your home or event, these will do just that. Make your house look like its right out of the days when the founding fathers and mothers were displaying their patriotism. You can shop for more American flag bunting products at a variety of styles and sizes.

What does a bunting flag mean?

A bunting flag shares the same colors as the American flag to show patriotism. You can use a bunting flag in lieu of the American flag for your decorating needs. As proper flag etiquette dictates the American flag is to not be used as a decoration, but a symbol.

How to hang pleated fan flag?

Hanging a pleated fan is as easy as finding where you want to display it, measure the distance between the allotted holes for the brass grommets and place nails to go in them. If you want to learn more, check out our video on How to Hang a Pleated Fan .

History of the Pleated Fan Flag and "Hanging of the Bunting"

Pleated fans started back in the United States somewhere in the late 1700's when the first American flags started showing up. Flag makers and flags themselves were not as prominent as they are today and making bunting was an easier option that most people could do. This was a great way for patriotic citizens to show their pride and loyalty to their country. In the Southern United States of America, there is a tradition that is referred to as "the Hanging of the Bunting." This is a celebration or party in honor of hanging up their bunting or patriotic decorations. This typically takes place around Memorial Day and the bunting stays up until just after Labor Day.

  • Beautifully made, high quality pleated fan
  • Very sturdy, made from a heavy duty nylon
  • Nicely sewn stripes and appliqued stars
  • Suitable for the outdoors, looks great indoors as well
  • Made in China
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