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Pins, Patches, & Decals

Pins, Patches, & Decals

Enjoy bargain prices on flag lapel pins, patches and decals from United States Flag Store. We also offer custom soft enamel 2-D lapel pins in five sizes available with up to four colors. Our lapel pins are a premium-quality gold tone metal lacquered design with secure clutch-pin backs. Each has a baked-on enamel finish in bright colors.

Choose U.S. flag lapel pins, state flag pins, military branch lapel pins, political party pins and lapel pins with designs of individual country flags from around the world. We have two-country pins, such as our lapel pin with the flags of Canada and the U.S. side by side. Shop hundreds of lapel pin styles, embroidered patches and decals. Enjoy bulk-buy discounts on large orders.