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Patriotic Garden Flags - Mini Flags

Patriotic Garden Flags - Mini Flags

The 50 stars on the American flag stand for each of the states. However, what do the stripes stand for? The 13 stripes signify the original 13 colonies. New stars are only added to the flag on July 4 if and when another new state is added.

United States Flag Store stocks more than two million flags. We have everything from the truck on the top of the flagpole to the flash collar at the bottom. Our wide selection of flags even includes American garden flags. The assortment of yard flags consists of U.S. flags and patriotic designs. Garden flags are a fun, decorative option and patriotic garden flags are ideal year-round or for special holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

When displaying American flags, be it garden flags or otherwise remember that the blue patch containing the stars must always be at the highest point of honor.