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Patriotic Plates, Cups, Napkins & Tableware

Patriotic Plates, Cups, Napkins & Tableware

If you're looking for patriotic dinnerware for your next picnic, family reunion or other get-together, United States Flag Store has you covered. You'll find patriotic tablecloths, cups, napkins and plates in our comprehensive collection, and we have a number of food-related party supplies that can help you celebrate in style. We even have classic picnic décor, such as red gingham tablecloths and napkins like your grandma used to have.

Choose between U.S. flag beverage napkins and luncheon napkins, decorative plates and star-shaped snack trays to outfit the table at your party. Your guests will love the bright, festive colors and patriotic displays, and you'll love that all of our patriotic party supplies are extremely economical. From paper cups decorated like American flags to tablecloths printed with Canadian maple leaves, you'll find all the patriotic dinnerware you need at United States Flag Store.

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