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Patriotic Magnetic Mailbox Covers

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During Fourth of July and Memorial Day celebrations, it is great to see American neighborhoods wrapped in patriotic colors from the flags waving in the breeze to the banners hung from porches. Decorating your house for a parade or commemorative party has never been easier. However, forget the party store at the mall. United States Flag Store may be the largest online flag vendor, but it isn't just for flags.

Sure, we stock over two million flags as well as the necessary hardware to properly display them. Yet, we also have a full assortment of patriotic apparel and decorations to outfit you and your home, office or school in red, white and blue. Looking for a patriotic mailbox cover? We have a great selection. An American mailbox cover is the perfect touch, especially if the parade is walking down your street. With our low prices and fast, efficient shipping, decorating and party planning has never been easier.

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