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Patriotic Headwear

Patriotic Headwear

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Just like the custom of flying flags, the practice of removing hats during the national anthem also dates back to the time of knights. Knights were expected to remove their visors so that the monarchs could view their faces. However, members of the military are never required to remove their hats while in uniform during the national anthem since their hat is a part of their ensemble.

United States Flag Store is the largest online flag vendor with more than two million flags to choose from. However, we stock more than just flags, flagpoles, and wall mounts. Our store is your go to shop for patriotic headwear too. We offer customers a fabulous selection of American patriotic hats and bandana's. With our everyday low prices and efficient shipping, we have patriotic headwear to fit everyone's budget.

Why are only men expected to remove hats during the national anthem? According to Miss Manners, women have the "ladies exemption" because women's hats were typically pinned to their hair and more elaborate, making them more difficult to take off. However, if a lady is wearing a baseball cap, she should remove it along with the men.

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