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Patriotic Centerpieces

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Independence Day was first celebrated on July 4, 1776. However, unlike today where the fireworks are exploding and the barbeques are grilling, the event while momentous was solemn. Inside the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, delegates from the 13 original colonies discussed the adoption of the Declaration on Independence. When they made their final decision, only church bells rang to mark the occasion.

Fourth of July today means parades, celebrations with family and friends, picnics and fireworks thanks to our country's forefathers. United States Flag Store may be the largest online flag vendor, but we are also your one-stop-shop for everything patriotic. Our patriotic decorations will outfit any party or picnic in red, white and blue. Do you need a patriotic centerpiece for your table? We have those, too.
With our everyday low prices and fast shipping, it is easy and economical to stock up and plan for your Fourth of July celebration or any remembrance day. United States Flag Store has your red, white and blue.

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