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Super Knit Polyester Flags

Super Knit Polyester Flags

Super knit polyester flags are the Online Store's own brand.

Super knit polyester is incredible durable and beautiful, yet also inexpensive. The flags are imported to help keep costs down without sacrificing quality. For those looking for an affordable outdoor flag that will perform like a more expensive material, Super knit polyester is the way to go. All Super knit American flags have sewn edges to help prevent frays and prolong the lives of the flags. The United States Flag Store carries Super knit polyester flags in a variety of sizes. Choose a standard 3' x 5' flag for your wall mounted flagpole or opt for a medium size stick flag. There are many options to choose from so you can find the perfect flag for your needs. We also carry American flag variants, like the U.S. Yacht Anchor flag, for special interests.