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12in x 18in Oregon State Flag

Showing your pride in the Beaver state has never been easier with this simple and elegant 12 inch by 18 inch Oregon nylon flag. With bright gold color on a navy blue background, you are bound to turn some heads when you display it. The flag is made out of a top heavyweight nylon fit to wave in all weather and fit to fly in a light breeze. This flag features a strong header to add to its longevity and durability, giving you a flag that is going to wave for many seasons. Also included are brass grommets to make installation of your new flag that much easier. And while this flag will flourish in the outdoors, it will look just as great indoors. The Nylon Oregon Flag 12in by 18in is made right here in the United States.

What is unique about the Oregon flag? How is Oregon's state flag different from other us flags?

There are several interesting facts about the Oregon flag that make it unique and different from the other US State Flags. One thing that is unique about the Oregon flag is the fact that it is indeed two sided. It has the escutcheon or shield from a coat of arms from the state seal on one side and a beaver on the other side. This is the only state flag to feature a different image and design on each side of the flag. The other interesting fact about this flag is that Oregon was the last state to have it's own flag. The Oregon flag was created in 1925 after the post master for Portland asked for a state flag to be displayed in the post office.

Why is there a beaver on the Oregon State flag?

The beaver is Oregon's State Animal. Oregon has many water ways so the beaver is found quite commonly in the wild of Oregon and that is why law makers choose it as the state animal. All states have a state animal.

What is the only state flag that is two-sided (front and back)?

Oregon is currently the only state flag that is two sided. Massachusetts at one point was two sided, but was changed in the early 1970's. The Oregon State flag design continues to remain unchanged since it was first adopted in 1925.

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  • Top quality heavyweight nylon, excellent outdoor durability
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Flag is finished with brass grommets
  • Suitable for the outdoors and looks fantastic indoors as well
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