Super Tough Swivel Sectional 13ft to 21ft Flag Pole - US Made

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Made in the USA
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Super Tough Swivel Sectional 13ft to 21ft Flag Pole - US Made

No matter what you need, Super Tough always offers something to fulfill that. The Super Tough Swivel Sectional comes in your choice of height from 13 to 21ft total and is two inches in diameter. It is made of rust-free aluminum and comes in a beautiful anodized polished aluminum finish. Along with this, you get all the fixings to get your flag up and, in the air. This includes a swivel and button system that will allow you to fly two flags at once and not worry about them getting all tangled up. You also get an aluminum ground sleeve and a classic gold finial ball topper for that extra dash of style and class. The Super Tough Swivel Sectional meets every expectation and comes with easy-to-follow instructions for installation. It also comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty and is made right here in the United States.

Included Accessories:

  • Gold ball topper
  • 2" diameter pole
  • Stainless steel clips
  • Aluminum ground sleeve
  • 360 degree no-wrap swivel system

Please Note: For the warranty to be valid, a warranty card must be filled out and signed and sent in. Please print out the warranty card download from the downloads box above, fill it out, sign it and send it in.

Unfortunately, this pole doesn't qualify for any shipping promotions.

Flagpole Installation

Please note, this flagpole does require approximately two feet of its height to be installed into the ground and thus will make the overall height of your flagpole shorter once installed. For example, 13ft would now go down to 11ft, 17ft to 15ft and finally 21ft to 19ft.

This flagpole does not require professional installation; however, it will require the use of concrete around the ground sleeve. Instructions are included with this purchase.

Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles, 20ft and 25ft made in the USA

We have also got a wide selection of Super Tough Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles in stock as well. These come with a little heavier price tag but are also made to withstand some heavier wind and have some good durability under tough weather. These are made in the United States.

What are the three types of flagpoles?

At the United States Flag Store, we carry all types of flagpoles fit for any budget or any need, these include sectional and telescoping flagpoles to single flagpoles that are used in the house or just off the front porch. That being said, there are three types of flagpoles, that all of these will fall under in one or more of the following categories, they are commercial, residential and indoor. Commercial flagpoles are the most expensive of the bunch, but also are taller, thicker and rated for higher windspeeds than the other types. Most commercial flagpoles are in fact sectional flagpoles. Residential flagpoles are designed to be put up in front of residential houses and homes. These are a little more economical in price and build and can come in a variety of different designs including both telescoping and sectional flagpoles. Most residential flagpoles top out at approximately 25 feet. And for indoor flagpoles, they are singe pieces made to be either inside the house or just off the front porch. These start at around 6ft and go up to 9ft.

What is difference between a sectional and telescoping flagpole?

The main difference between a sectional and telescoping flagpole is going to be in their ability to change height. Sectional flagpoles once installed, are usually set at the height they were designed to be at. To where with telescoping flagpoles, you have the option and ability to be able to raise and lower your flagpole. This comes in handy for most users when severe weather is on the way, they can lower their telescoping flagpole.

How to install sectional flagpole?

The sectional flagpoles we have for sale at the United States Flag Store will usually come with instructions to help aid you in installation. Most Sectional flagpoles are going to require you to dig a hole and cement a ground sleeve in place. After this, you can put your flagpole together and into that.

  • Easy to install
  • 2" diameter pole
  • Made in the USA
  • Rust-free aluminum
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes all accessories needed
  • 360 degree no-wrap swivel system
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United States
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Windy Low
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