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Printed US Flags - Low Cost

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Our handsomely crafted printed U.S. flags from United States Flag Store are available in nylon, polyester and our exclusive Super knit brand polyester. Super Knit flag fabric is more durable than standard poly flags. All of our Super knit poly flags have a heavy-duty header, brass grommets and four-row stitching on the fly end for maximum durability. Our printed red, white and blue flags range in size from 8 inches by 12 inches to 4 feet by 6 feet. This collection includes American-made United States flags by Valley Forge. Also shop our indoor and outside-use flagpoles and flag accessories.

Super Knit brand polyester flags are made exclusively for Online Stores, Inc. The Super Knit fabric is more durable than the cheaper printed polyester fabric offered by our competitors, and in many cases lasts as long as more expensive nylon flags. All our Super Knit polyester flags have a heavy duty header, brass grommets and 4 row stitching on the fly end which extends durability. Super Knit is the material of choice for our repeat customers who purchase low cost flags. We supply many retailers and fundraisers, please contact us for special pricing for orders of 200 or more. These flags are made outside of the US exclusively for Online Stores Inc.

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