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3x5 ft Canadian Flag

We all know the iconic Canadian flag with its red stripes and 11-point maple leaf on it, but did you know that the provinces and territories of Canada have their own flags just like the states do in the U.S.? Well, they do! And we are happy to offer you this beautiful 3ft by 5ft nylon flag of the Canadian province, New Brunswick. This flag features a gold lion on the top red field, this field covers a third of the flag, an old single mast ship with two red flags atop a gold field, sailing on blue and white lines depicting the sea. The New Brunswick flag was officially adopted not long after the modern flag of Canada was inaugurated in 1965. Made of nylon which is a great material for flying your flag outdoors, as it is lightweight yet durable and just so happens to have the nickname as the "all weather flag." This ensures that you will not only be able to see your flag wave in the air with ease but also look great doing it for quite some time.

Other Canadian Province Flags

At the United States Flag Store, we are proud to have such a vast selection of flags on deck fit for any individual, need and occasion. We also carry other Canadian Province flags that include, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Prince Edward Islands, Ontario, New Foundland, Manitoba, British Columbia and Alberta.

What was the Canadian flag before 1965? Canadian Red Ensign

The flag primarily used in Canada prior to 1965 was what was known as the Canadian Red Ensign. This flag had a Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom in the upper left corner on a red field with the shield of Canada. This was used on naval vessels as well as on land. The Union Jack and even the flag of France would also be used throughout the country's infancy as well.

What does the Canadian flag look like? Colors and image

The national flag of Canada has used a 1:2:1 ratio for its colors in a red, white, red fashion and there is a red 11-point maple leaf in the center of the white square.

Why is there a maple leaf on Canada flag? A Symbol of Canada?

The maple leaf would make its way into popular culture such as, books, songs and coins in the early 1900's. The image of the maple leaf would be associated strongly with being Canadian and was even used on the headstones of Canadian service men and women that had served and died during the two World Wars.

What do the 11 points on the Canadian flag mean?

The 11 points on the maple leaf on the Canadian flag carry no significant meaning. The number of points on the maple leaf were downsized from 13 to 11, merely because this made the image appear clearer from a distance with this change.

Canadian Flag History

If you want to read up on more Canadian flag history, be sure to check out our Canada flag landing page. This page goes into more detail on some of these questions and provides some great tidbits of information on the intricacies of how the national flag of Canada came to be.

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