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Military Flags

Military Flags

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Whether you're a veteran, active duty or simply supporting a loved one, a military flag is a terrific way to show your pride and respect.

Military and Armed Forces Flags

We have all the Military Branch Flags: From the US Army to Space Force

While the United States Flag Store is no stranger to the red, white, and blue, nor are we to what keeps the red, white, and blue standing so proud, tall, and honorable. We know that there are a lot of people who give their all every day to try to make this country and the world a better place. That's why we carry flags for every branch of the military from the United States Army all the way to the most recent division of Space Force. We keep a variety of flags in stock with a host of sizes, making sure that no matter what your reason is for wanting a military flag, we have you covered.

Our flags make a great gift to a friend or family member and are a fantastic way to honor someone who has been in the service. Share your pride in the brave men and women of these branches with your community. Whether you are a veteran, an active service member, or a proud supporter, these flags are a great way to show your pride and support for the United States military services.

We also stock flags to honor additional service professions, such as police, firemen, and EMS responders.

These flags look great outdoors and indoors, and most of them are made right here in the U.S.A.

US Army Flags and Banners

There are very few other flags with such history, honor, and pride as the United States Army Flag. As a beautiful symbol of respect and appreciation for our soldiers and the sacrifices they have made, we stock this flag to the brim with a range of sizes from the small 4-inch by 6-inch flag all the way up to a 6ft by 10ft size. The stick flag is going to be great for parades, parties, and other celebrations, even making an eye-catching piece on your desk at home or in the office. The 6ft by 10ft size is made to make its mark on a 50ft flagpole next to any US Army base, commercial property, or in some cases, a residential property. We not only carry the standard white US Army flag but also the newer US Army Gold and Black Flag, and Army Retired Flags for the veteran who is out of the service.

Marine Corps.

Oorah! Let those battle colors fly off of one of the oldest branches of the United States military. The brave men and women of the Marine Corps. are stationed all over the world and ready to deploy at a moment's notice. These soldiers correlate with both the United States Army and the Navy, covering both land and sea and in some cases, the air. They not only have the jobs that they specialize in, but are also known for being precision riflemen with extra focus and training in this regard. The United States Marine Corps flag stands as a symbol of the bravery, honor, and heritage of this esteemed military branch. Pick out which Marine Corps. Flag you want and wave one today.


The largest and most powerful navy in the world by a long shot, this maritime service branch of the United States Armed Forces does its part with its main priorities to train and recruit naval forces to be readily available to win any conflict or war while keeping the open sea free and safe for everyone. We have flags of the United States Navy of all sizes and even carry a retired Navy flag and the First Navy Jack flag in stock.

Coast Guard

Made with the Great Seal of the United States, our U.S. Coast Guard flags spare no expense. Along with the Navy and keeping our open waters safe and free from piracy and ne'er-do-wells, the United States Coast Guard also puts a lot of work on our lakes and oceans. With maritime security, law enforcement, and response, these men and women are always on call. There's a lot of water to cover and to make sure not only maritime wildlife is thriving and doing well but also ensuring that fishermen and other vessels make it back to shore and their destination safely, it's a full-time gig and then some. 

Air Force

For our airmen and airwomen who aim high and aim to keep the skies safe from any potential threats, we have also got flags for the United States Air Force. While relatively new to the United States roster, becoming an independent branch in 1947 along with the CIA, it is now currently, the world's largest air force with a budget of just over 156 billion dollars. Airmen were credited with being a large proponent of the Allied Powers' victory in WWII with over 70k pilots giving their lives to secure it. These come in the same array of sizes as mentioned previously and are made to wave proudly. The iconic ultramarine blue field with the crest and shield of the U.S. Air Force is a beautiful sight to see waving in the air.

Space Force

The most recent division of the United States Armed Forces, Space Force specializes in military operations in outer space and if needed, space warfare. While we may be in the clear for now, a lot can happen in just a few years, you just never know. And I for one, think it's great because I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. These flags look awesome and would make a great addition to any collection. We carry these flags primarily in the standard 3ft by 5ft and 4ft by 6ft sizes. Both of these flags mentioned are made of nylon and right here in the United States.


Almost as iconic as the American flag is the POW/ MIA flag. You can see this flag flying underneath the American flag at the White House 365 days a year. The acronym POW means "prisoner of war," and MIA, "missing in action." It is a representation of the American government aiming to take responsibility and accountability for the thousands of men and women who remain unaccounted for from any skirmish or conflict the United States has been involved with. They serve as a solemn reminder that while many Americans may be gone, they are not forgotten. The POW/MIA organization's main priority is to help locate, recover, and identify those who have not been found bringing closure to thousands of the people who have needed it most. Waving this flag sends a powerful message of hope and solidarity.

War Veteran's Flags

For those who proudly served in some of the bigger conflicts the United States was involved with, we also carry Veteran's Flags. We have flags for the veterans of the Vietnam War, World War II, and the Korean War, and would make a great way to honor someone in your life.

Police and Firefighter Flags

And for the men and women in our communities who serve and protect and to those who control and extinguish fires that threaten life and property, our Police and Firefighter flags are a great addition to any home, yard, or collection. From the recent Thin Blue Line series to the classic Fire Department logo, we keep them in stock and ready to ship to you. Available in a host of sizes and prices, you are sure to find one that works for you and your budget. These flags come both imported and domestic and anyone would make for an appreciated sight in your community waving off your flagpole or front porch.

Military Flag Display Case

Along with all the military flags we carry, we also have a wonderful selection of in-house-made Military Flag Display Cases. These are made from premium wood and come in an array of finishes with oak, cherry, and black cherry being the standards. They come with clear glass or plastic fronts and are made to hold folded flags. Whether you want to put an American flag or a military flag in there is up to you. We even have shadowboxes that give you some more room to put in other memorabilia such as patches, pins, and medals from past service. Our military flag display cases are fit for anything from a standard 3ft by 5ft flag to a larger 5ft by 9.5ft burial flag. Nothing will quite carry or have the unspoken power and honor as a quality flag display case does.

Military Garden Flags

Also, be sure to check out our Military and Public Service Garden Flags. This collection has a little bit of everything from the United States Army to well-done graphics, so take a look and see if there is something that catches your fancy and spruces up your outdoor space. Most of these flags are the standard garden flag size measuring 12.5 by 18 inches.

What are the 6 military flags?

The 6 military flags of the United States Armed Forces are the United States Army, Navy, Marine Corps., Coast Guard, Air Force, and Space Force.

In what order should military flags be displayed?

When displaying multiple military flags together and along with the flag of the United States of America, there is a certain order of precedence that should be followed. This would go as such; from left to right from the visitor's perspective to entrance; The American Flag, generally the largest and highest up, can also be put furthest left, and the POW/ MIA flag is usually seen flying underneath or right next to it, with the following precedence of the U.S. Army Flag, Marines Corp Flag, Navy Flag, Air Force Flag and then the Coast Guard Flag. Please note that the Coast Guard Flag moves up to right behind the Navy when serving the Navy during a time of war.

How to display military flags indoors?

As with the same respect that is shown for the flag of the United States of America. Proper etiquette dictates displaying all your flags right side up, not using them as a covering or decoration, and presenting them with dignity. A flag display case or a nice indoor flagpole is a great way to display a military flag indoors. 

Why does the military wear the American flag backward?

Men and women in the military of the United States wear the American flag backward as a way of having the flag appear as if it is moving forward with the soldier. As the soldier is walking forward, it should go then that the wind from this movement would make the flag appear to be going in the opposite direction. This is why the American flag appears backward on military uniforms. 

Where to buy military flags?

The United States Flag Store is your one-stop premier shop for all things flag and flag-related items, with our military flags being at the top of that list. 

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