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POW/ Prisoner of War MIA/ Missing in Action Flags for Sale

The United States Flag Store is proud to offer you these powerful POW MIA flags. These flags are black with white and feature the silhouette of a soldier's head in front of a watchtower housing a guard and barbed wire fence. We see the POW and MIA over top of this design with "You are not forgotten," written underneath. This is a solemn reminder of the many brave men and women that have gone missing in wars and are unaccounted for. May we never forget them, their sacrifice and strive to find the truth for their sake as well as ours.

These flags are designed for outdoor use and include a reinforced canvas heading and brass grommets. Our Superknit POW-MIA 3x5ft Flag is 5 star rated with reviews like, "Tough and durable. This is for my Uncle who went missing in WWII."

Official POW MIA Flag History

The history of the POW MIA flag dates back to the year of 1970. Mrs. Michael Hoff, member of the National League of POW/MIA Families and MIA wife, saw a need for a symbol for the service men and women who were and are absent as Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. Through contact with the Vice President, Norman Rivkees of the Annin and Company, an advertising agency, Mrs. Hoff would work with both Rivkees and employee Newt Heisley to create this flag. To advocate for answers on this matter further, it was decided that the design would not be trademarked, so as to opt for widespread and ease of use.

Capitol- The National League of POW/ MIA Families POW MIA Flag is the only other flag to have flown over the White House other than the official flag of the United States of America.

Order of Precedence- Flying your POW/ MIA flag shouldn't come with any concern of how to display. As with any flag in the United States of America, the order of precedence, if you are going to display this flag alongside the stars and stripes, proper flag etiquette should remain. This essentially means the American flag should always be displayed as the furthest left and highest up in comparison to any other flags.

What does the POW/ MIA flag mean?

The POW stands for Prisoners of War and MIA means Missing in Action.

Why is the POW/ MIA flag flying today?

The POW/ MIA flag is still flying today as a reminder for the many brave service men and women who are still unaccounted for from their deployment to war. While somber in nature, it still serves as a message of hope and to honor. Hope for answers in the matter of the truth of what has happened to these people. Hope for a return home. And honor to those who did not.

Who can fly a POW/ MIA flag?

Anyone who wishes to is free to fly a POW/ MIA flag in remembrance and support of our military men and women. You may also want to specifically fly this flag on the following occasions:

  • Armed Forces Day (3rd Sat. in May)
  • Memorial Day (Last Mon. in May)
  • Flag Day (June 14)
  • Independence Day (July 4)
  • National POW/MIA Recognition Day (3rd Fri. in Sept.)
  • Veterans Day (Nov. 11)

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History of the POW/MIA Flag

"You Are Not Forgotten"
Celebrating the life of Newt Heisley, creator of the POW/MIA Flag

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