null U.S. Military Lapel Pins, Patches and Decals


US Military Lapel Pins, Patches and Decals

US Military Lapel Pins, Patches and Decals

In addition to an unsurpassed selection of flags, the United States Flag Store carries a wide variety of U.S. military patches and decals as well as military flag pins. You can wear these military pins and patches with pride and show your support and respect for our country.

Our wide selection lets you honor all the major branches of the service while showing support and remembrance of our POWs and major events in military history, from Betsy Ross to the Battle of Iwo Jima. These colorful, quality items are available at remarkably low prices that become even lower when you take advantage of our quantity discounts available on many of these products.

Visit our Flag Blog for more information about the POW/MIA flag

Military Patches are 3" in diameter, POW MIA 3" x 2.25"

The most popular countries, state and armed forced decals are shown on our web site. We carry these items in inventory and they normally ship in 1 - 2 days. Many other countries and all US states are available at similar prices by special order, please call or email us for details.

Reflective Vinyl Stiki-Bak Decals Dimensions: 2.375" x 4"