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Lincoln Military Flag Display Case for 3' x 5' Flag - Cherry

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Lincoln Military Flag Display Case for 3' x 5' Flag - Cherry

The Lincoln Military Flag Display Case for 3' x 5' Flag is made from solid wood and comes in a lovely cherry-stained finish. Along with being able to house a 3ft by 5ft folded flag, there is also plenty of room to put patches, pins and other memorabilia up alongside it. It comes with a piece of eighth inch tempered glass on the front and a black felt lined backboard to give it that touch of elegance and sophistication. This flag display case serves as a wonderful way to honor someone's hard work and legacy through their dedication to their branch of the United States Military and would make a fantastic addition to any home, office or study. The Lincoln Military Flag Display Case for 3' x 5' Flag is made right here in the United States in the state of Pennsylvania.

Dimensions: 19" wide x 20" tall.

Flag Triangle Dimensions: 15" across the bottom x 10.5" on the sides.

Please Note:The Lincoln Military Flag Display Case for 3' x 5' Flag in Cherry does not include a flag. Flag must be ordered separately. Check out or wide selection of 3ft by 5ft American Flags that will fit this case wonderfully.

If you are ordering a display case for a flag you already own, please be sure to measure your flag. This case is made for a 3ft by 5ft size flag.

Please note actual stain color may vary from that pictured.

For other Military, Veteran, Triangle, Wooden, Folded Flag Cases

Along with the folded flag case mentioned above, the United States Flag Store has a ton of other options for folded flag display cases as well!

Flag Case with Certificate and Shadowbox

Another display case in this Super Tough series is and exclusive to Online Stores and the United States Flag Store is the Washington Deluxe Flag and Certificate Display Case for 3ft by 5ft Flag. This particular military display case also comes in a cherry finish. It is made from solid oak wood and can hold a 3ft by 5ft flag, a document that measures 8 inches by 11.5 inches and even has enough room to put up other memorabilia, patches and medals.

This flag display case and shadowbox is made in the U.S.A.

Personalized Flag Case

You can add an Engraved Brass Plate to your flag display case to give it a personal touch. Customize it by picking the size you want and what you want it to say!

Don't forget to check out our service medallions to add to your display too!

What is the meaning of a military shadow box?

A military shadow box is a way to showcase one's accomplishments, merits, awards and certificates earned in the service of a branch of the United States military. They can also include significant flags, medals, insignia and memorabilia.

What goes or should be in a military shadow box?

Most people will put medals, patches and other things earned throughout their career as a service member of the United States military.

How to arrange military shadow box?

There really is no right or wrong way to arrange a military shadow box, so long as you have important pieces in there and it looks aesthetically pleasing to you, you are good to go!

  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Handcrafted in Pennsylvania from Pennsylvania trees cut by Pennsylvania loggers.
  • Tempered 1/8" glass - the same as in car windows. Manufactured and tempered in the USA
  • Beautiful elegant cherry finish
  • Black felt lined backboard is a perfect accent
  • Ideal for displaying memorabilia, certificates, and medals
  • Dimensions: 19" wide x 20" tall.
  • Flag sold separately
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22.00 (in)
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United States
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Honors/Medal Cases
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