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Wall Mounting Flag Kits

Wall Mounting Flag Kits

Flags have been in existence for more than 3,000 years. Their use first dates back to the Middle Ages when they were used in battle to identify a particular knight. They have evolved over the years to stand for many things including freedom.

Whether you want to show your pride in the United States, a branch of the military, your state or even fly a historical flag, United States Flag Store has exactly the type of flag you want as well as the wall mounted flagpole kits to display them. Our wall mounted kits come with or without flags and are perfect for commercial or residential use.

If you want a flag to go along with your wall mounted flagpole, simply choose the desired one. Need help finding it? Our customer service is top notch. With our fast shipping, you will have the flag kit of your choice delivered right to your door and ready to display.

Flags remain an essential part of our culture as well as a reminder of our past. Get yours today!

Makes a Great Gift Idea!

Most of these kits are made by Online Stores Inc., we welcome wholesale inquiries to

We also have a wide selection of in ground flagpole kits.

*Please Note - In inclement weather (rain, sleet, snow, high winds, etc), we recommend storing your wall-mount flag poles indoors. When flying a flag in such weather, stress can be placed on the pole or bracket, and can cause damage to the pole, bracket, or your house itself. Online Stores will not be held liable for any damage caused by weather conditions.