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Lesbian Flags

Lesbian Flags

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Lesbian Pride Flag - Meaning, Colors & History-

There is no one official lesbian pride flag, however there is a lesbian flag that has become popular in the community this popular flag is known as the Lesbian Sunset Flag (dark orange and pink flag). Other popular lesbian flags include the pink lesbian flag and the lesbian labrys flag. Here you can find a variety of Lesbian flags in many styles and sizes.

When was the new lesbian flag created 2021?

The newest lesbian flag was created in 2018 it was created after the lipstick lesbian flag or the pink lesbian flag. The sunset lesbian flag or also called the orange and pink flag was created to be more inclusive with the lesbian community. Like many other pride flags this flag also came from a social media user, specifically a blogger from Tumblr. Originally the design of this flag contained seven horizontal stripes that meant the following gender non-conformity (dark orange), independence (orange), community (light orange), unique relationships to womanhood (white) , serenity and peace (pink), love and sex (dusty pink), and femininity (dark rose). The current design only features five stripes which are the dark orange, light orange, white, pink, and dark rose stripes.

What flag is lgbtq colors?

The flag that commonly represents the LGBTQ+ community is the rainbow pride flag. It is a recognized symbol of the LGBTQ+ community and has been used to advocate, spread awareness, and support the community for years. Show your support this upcoming pride season and shop here to find pride flags that represent the different orientations and identities.

What does the lesbian flag mean? What is the flag color for the Lesbian Community?

The most common lesbian flags are made up of mostly shades of pink colors with a white bar in the center. The designs often are horizontal stripes with shades of pink and recently orange due to the popularity of the sunset lesbian flag. Some designs of these pink and orange flags have other symbols on them like a red kiss print in the top left corner. This flag with the kiss print it known as the lipstick lesbian flag or femme lesbian flag.

What is lesbian labrys?

Graphic designer Sean Campbell created the lesbian labrys flag in 1999. The design of the flag is a purple background with a upside down black triangle and a labrys placed on it. This flag did not gain as much popularity as the others because it was created by a gay man rather than a lesbian. However the meaning behind the design is still impactful. The labrys is a ancient weapon that has been reclaimed to represent empowerment. The inverted black triangle represents a time when the Nazi's would label lesbian women with black triangles to identify them, similarly to the pink triangle and gay men.

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