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LED Bullet Flood Light - A Great Option for Commercial and Residential Exterior Spot Lighting

Spot lights are a great outdoor lighting option that can be used for multiple reasons. Common reasons include illuminating flags, accenting exterior walls or landscape features, and illuminating signs and billboards. This bullet flood light is also wattage adjustable and color tunable making it 9 fixtures in 1!

At its highest wattage setting of 25W, it puts out 3000 lumens for 120 lumens per watt. The color tunable options are 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K. The other wattage settings and lumen output options are noted below:

  • 15W: 1800 Lumens
  • 20W: 2400 Lumens
  • 25W: 3000 Lumens

This spot light is constructed of die-cast aluminum housing with a polycarbonate lens. This bullet flood light can be installed flush to a surface. In order for this light to be flush mounted, SKU LEDSPOT1000051862 is used. The mounting surface is an included accessory.

This spot light is also DLC Premium V5.1 listed meaning it is highly energy efficient and may qualify for utility rebates in certain areas. Check out our Rebate Assistant tool to find if this product qualifies for you!


Product Dimensions - 6.81" L x 3.90" W x 3.96" D

What is the difference between a spot light and a flood light?

Spotlights and floodlights are primarily distinguished by their beam angles and the scope of area they illuminate.

A spotlight is designed to focus on a specific spot, casting a narrow and concentrated beam, usually no more than 45 degrees wide. This makes them ideal for highlighting specific objects or architectural features, creating dramatic effects, and providing close-range illumination.

On the other hand, a floodlight casts a wider beam, typically between 45 and 120 degrees, making it suitable for broad illumination of larger areas like yards, parking lots, or stadiums. This wide beam provides even lighting over a large space, making floodlights an ideal choice for security or general outdoor lighting.

The choice between a spotlight and a floodlight will depend on your specific lighting objectives.

Which outdoor lighting fixture is best - flood lights, spot lights, wall lights, or decorative lights?

There are numerous types of outdoor lighting options. The application will determine which fixture should be installed.

For instance, spotlights like this LED Bullet Flood Light are perfect for accentuating specific architectural features or landscape elements. These lights cast a concentrated beam, perfect for illuminating flags, signs, or billboards. Additionally, many options sold now are wattage adjustable and color tunable to offer versatility in lighting solutions.

Floodlights, however, are designed to provide a wide beam of light, ideal for security purposes or for illuminating large areas such as yards or parking lots. They offer broader illumination, ensuring even lighting over a large space.

There are other options including wall lights and decorative options like string lights, and post lights which can serve different purposes and add a different aesthetic feel to your outdoor space.

Ultimately, the best outdoor lighting fixture depends on the specific requirements of your outdoor space, the desired aesthetic, and the purpose of the lighting.

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