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American Nylon Flags

Unbeatable Prices on Outdoor Nylon US Flags!

We now offer a choice between US made Valley Forge Nylon American Flags, and our own Online Stores brand. Both offer unbeatable value.

The first American flag was made in 1776. According to Betsy Ross, she sewed the first one with the stars and stripes pattern in the spring as the tides of revolution began to explode. However, in 1775, American ships in New England flew a white flag with a "Liberty Tree" in the middle. The year of 1775 would see several red and white striped flags fly including the one with the snake in the center that's hissing the, "Don't Tread on Me" warning.

In January of 1776, the Grand Union flag stood on Prospect Hill. It sported the red and white striped pattern with the British Union Jack in the corner. By June of 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the first official flag of the newly formed United States. The Stars and Stripes was born.

When it comes to American flags, we have the best quality selection in American nylon flags. With more than two million flags in stock, we are your go to online store for flags. Our American flags are made by Valley Forge Flags; American-made, American flags. It's a fact we are very proud of. Thanks to our efficient shipping and exceptional customer service, your flag will arrive quickly, right to your doorstep.


  • Nylon US Banner Flags have a pole sleeve rather than grommets and are suitable for specially designed residential wall mount kits.
  • The American Flag Sewn Nylon is 100% American made, and comes in a variety of sizes. Considered the "all weather American flag" it offers the best value at about 15% savings over our Valley Forge American flags. It flies in low wind and has excellent durability, with sewn stripes and bright white embroidered stars on an Old Glory field.
  • High quality Nylon Pleated Fans are beautifully made and last for years. Using durable, weather resistant heavy-duty nylon, these are not a cheap “pleated effect” product as sold by our competitors. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are made in the USA.

Attention: If you live in a windy area and fly the flag 24/7, consider the super tough spun polyester flags. This fabric is even more durable, but is heavier and requires more wind to "fly." We suggest nylon for most situations, but polyester is better for windier areas.

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