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International Flags 4in x 6in Stick Flags

International Flags 4in x 6in Stick Flags

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International Country Flags 4in x 6in Stick Flags

Celebrating our differences and what makes each of us unique is what we are all about here at the United States Flag Store. And while we may be known for our American flags, we also carry a wide selection of International flags for countries all over the world.

If you attend any big sporting event such as the Olympics or the World Cup, you are more than likely going to see some flags waving. Our 4-inch by 6-inch International flags are the perfect companion to bring with you and wave at any of these games. You can even take them with you to hand out at parades, parties, and any other get-together around an international holiday or multi-cultural event. These flags make great indoor displays to show your international pride and to even use in the classroom for educational purposes and for mock UN meetings. They also make a wonderful addition to any desk whether at home or work. 

Stick Flags are not suitable for young children.

Other Stick Flags

If you are looking for other stick flag sizes that might bode a little better to set up in outdoor displays, our 12-inch by 18-inch International Flags are made for just that. These flags have a longer staff ensuring that the flag doesn't touch the ground when planted making them perfect for set up. 

Full List of Different National Flags of the World

Click here to see our full selection of World Flags.

State Flags

Did you know we also carry 4 inch by 6 inch stick flags for all 50 of the United States? That's right, we sure do, we even have stick flags for the U.S. territories Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa. Wherever you are from or want to support, we have got the flag for you.

How do you display international flags?

For displaying an international flag, you will always want to make sure that the host country is first and takes precedence. This means whatever country you are currently located in where your flags are being displayed. After that, you'll want to put the rest of the international flags in alphabetical order. All of these flags should have their own flagpole of the same height and be around the same size of flag.

How many flags are in the world?

There are 254 different country flags in the world. 

Where to buy international flags near me?

At the United States Flag Store, we have International Flags of a multitude of sizes available. Anything from our smallest which measures 4 inches by 6 inches to some of our biggest that measure 6ft by 10ft. 

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