Indoor Military Flag Kits

Each branch of the military is represented by its individual flag. Interestingly, when all five branches are displayed together, a specific order is observed. Naturally, the American flag takes precedence over all others. However, in the military order, the US Army flag holds the first position, followed by the flags of the Marine Corps, the Navy, the Air Force, and finally, the Coast Guard. Yet, during wartime when the Coast Guard operates as a branch of the Navy, its flag will then precede that of the Air Force.

The United States Flag Store offers a diverse range of indoor military flagpole kits, encompassing the flag of any of the five branches, along with the base, pole, and tassel. These kits start at just $135 and are swiftly delivered through our efficient shipping service. All our flags are American-made, with many sourced from Valley Forge Flags.