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Indoor Flags & Flagpoles

Indoor Flags & Flagpoles

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Indoor flags and flagpole kits available at United States Flag Store never skimp on quality.

These high-quality 100% nylon flags are trimmed in gold fringe and are built to last. Indoor flagpole kits include a flag base, a flagpole and a topper. Accessories range from wooden flagpoles to brass poles. Hang these flags at home, in a school, a church or any other large hall. The stripes are sewn and the stars on the flags are embroidered on the U.S. flags, but individual state flag sets are also available as well as specialty kits. Order from United States Flag Store and get free shipping on many of these products. Indoor flags & flagpoles are a great way to bring out the beauty and patriotism associated with any flag. Whether your interested in staging flags in your classrooms, fraternity lodges, V.F.W. halls, offices, and beyond, quality indoor flagpole kits will provide you with the means to pull it off.

The indoor American flags and flagpole accessories we carry are only of the highest quality from Valley Forge Flags, or equivalent. Indoor flags feature gold fringe and are made out of a high quality fabric to last a lifetime. We also carry indoor flagpole kits with a flag base, flagpole, and topper if you already have a flag, but nowhere to display it properly. Our indoor flagpole accessories come in different colors and qua4lities from a high quality wooden flagpole design to more economical brass designs. Toppers, spears, and tassels can all be added to any kit to suit your design. Some of our kits include a telescoping flagpole that allows you to set the height of your flag in any indoor environment.

We can custom make any state flag into an indoor flag, as well as designs for military branches and religious flags.

Need an indoor flag, indoor flagpole accessories or indoor flagpole kit? As the highest volume online vendor we buy flags and flagpoles by the truckload and pass the savings on to our customers. We have a large inventory, as we sell hundreds of US, State, and Military kits each week.

We supply only the best quality products. Our indoor flagpole kits are manufactured to the highest standards and are designed to last for many years. Most indoor flags are supplied by Valley Forge, or are equivalent quality. We stock indoor flags for the US, every US state, all branches of the US armed services, plus the Christian and Israel flags. We can manufacture indoor fringed flags for any country to special order. We also supply indoor flagpole accessories including eagles, spears, poles, bases and tassels. Indoor kits typically ship in 2-3 days.


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