Indoor Flagpoles & Kits

Experience the unmatched elegance of a strategically positioned indoor flag and flagpole kit. At the United States Flag Store, our selection is extensive, offering a variety of options. Whether you prefer standalone indoor flags or comprehensive kits containing the base, pole, flag, and topper, we have you covered. Individual items are also available, providing the flexibility to update specific components of your indoor kit. Our accessories include wooden flagpoles in different heights and an array of stands, ranging from standard portable stands to those with gold or silver finishes. Customize your kit with gold rope tassels, golden perched eagles, metal spears, stars, and more for a distinctive touch. If you already possess an indoor flag without a designated space, we offer indoor flagpole kits without the flag. Whether you're a newcomer to indoor flags or seeking to enhance your existing setup, we've got everything you need!