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Indoor Flags & Flagpoles

Indoor Flags & Flagpoles

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Indoor flags and flagpole kits available at United States Flag Store never skimp on quality.

Indoor Flags & Flagpoles

There is nothing quite like a well placed indoor flag and flagpole kit. And at the United States Flag Store, we have got them in spades. From indoors flags on their own to full on kits that include everything you need from the base, pole, flag and topper or if you happen to need any one of these items being sold individually just in case your indoor kit requires a little updating. Some accessories you will find are wooden flagpoles in various heights as well as a plethora of stands ranging from a standard portable stand to metal gold finish and silver finish stands. You can even add some extras to make your kit stand out and be your own with gold rope tassels, golden perched eagles, metal spears, stars and more! And if you already have an indoor flag with no place for it to reside yet, we also have indoor flagpole kits without the flag. Whether you are new to the indoor flag game or your current set up just needs a little tender love and care, we have got you covered. 

Indoor Flags

At the United States Flag Store, we pride ourselves on selling high quality products with no exception on our indoor flags. You will find a couple different options for these, with some being an import and others made in the U.S.A. We do our best to be as transparent as we can with this, as we will clearly state if something has been made in the United States. It will say this as a badge in the upper left corner of the product image.

What most these Indoor American Flags do have in common is a lovely gold fringe on 3/4ths of the outside of the flag. This is the "golden," standard among indoor flags. The fabric used for these come in nylon and cotton, both possessing vibrant colors, a great feel and drape as well as looking fantastic indoors. These flags also come with beautiful embroidered stars and sewn stripes that really help the stars pop and the stripes stay strong. 

Indoor American Flagpole Kits with Flag

And for our full on Indoor American Flag Kits, we carry primarily from our own brand Super Tough as well as our friends in Valley Forge, another American based company. Super Tough offers products both imported and made in the United States in regard to these flagpole kits in particular, with most falling under the former. The Valley Forge kits we have available are proudly made in the U.S.A. 

Indoor Flagpoles Stand, Adjustable

These kits come in a range of height, so you can get exactly what you are looking for to fit your room perfectly. From 7, 8 to 9 feet and even a telescoping kit to make your own.

And with height out of the way, you will get your choice of oak finish or if you are getting a telescoping flagpole, this will be a gold or brass finish.

As with most of our products, these flagpoles are also available individually, so there is no need to order a whole kit if you just need a new pole. 

Indoor Flagpole Bases

You will also get your choice of bases to go with your new indoor flagpole kit as well. These are going to be metal with either a gold, silver or matte finish and will be come from both Super Tough and Valley Forge.

Indoor Flagpole Toppers

Last, but not least, don't forget to pick your topper! From the iconic beautiful perched eagle to the Texas Gold Star and in between, you got some choices to make. It should be noted that a bald eagle topper is supposed to only adorn the top of an indoor flagpole with the American flag. With any other flag, it is recommended to use a different one.

Indoor Flagpole Height Etiquette

With height, always be sure to measure the room your indoor flagpole is going to be. Your flagpole should always be approximately 1 foot lower than the height of the ceiling. 

Indoor Flag Accessories

Our Indoor Flag Accessories page is where you are going to find most of the individual items mentioned above, from bases, tassels, flagpoles and toppers to flag spreaders that keep your red, white and blue nice and visible.

Indoor State, Religious and US Territories Flag Kits

We also carry indoor flag kits that have the individual states of the United States as well as US Territories and select religious flags. Our Indoor State Flag Kits include all 50 of the United States and our US Territories cover Guam, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa.

We not only stock indoor flags for the United States and every US state, but we also carry all branches of the United States Military too. 

We can even manufacture indoor fringed flags for any country, state and military branch to special order, if you are looking for a different flag. 

Indoor flags and flagpoles have a wonderful way of bringing out and evoking something special when we see them. They bring beauty, pride and a level of sophistication, class and dignity to any environment. These would make a great addition to any home, school, office, church. large hall or venue. 

Nothing quite sets the stage in a classroom, V.FW. hall, fraternity lodge or office like a quality indoor flagpole kit. And at the United States Flag Store, we strive to give you some of the best that the market has to offer. We buy our flags and flagpoles in bulk, allowing us to pass the savings on to you, the consumer. We keep and supply only the best quality products. 

How do you attach a flag to an indoor flag pole?

Indoor flags will typically come with what is called a "pole sleeve." This means that all you will have to do is slide the flag over the flagpole using this pole sleeve. 

How do you hang a flag on a house without a pole?

For hanging a flag on a house without a pole, you can either use a Wall Mounting Kit which will attach the flag to the desired wall or you can hang it up with care, following proper flag etiquette in an allocated space.

How tall is an indoor flag pole?

Most of our indoor flagpoles come in anywhere from 7 up to 9ft tall. 

Where to buy indoor flag pole?

The United States Flag Store is your one stop premier shop for all things flag and flag related items with indoor flagpoles being no exception and one of our favorites. 

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