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Indoor Flagpole Kits - No Flag

Indoor Flagpole Kits - No Flag

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When Francis Scott Key looked out into the morning after the long battle, he saw Old Glory still clinging to the flagpole. It inspired him to create the poem that would become our country's national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner." United States Flag Store understands the sentimentality of a special flag, which is why we offer customers indoor flagpole kits without a flag.

The kits work perfectly for commercial or residential use and are designed for the customer that only needs to properly display the Stars and Stripes. We offer a diverse selection of indoor flagpole kits at fabulous prices. They start as low as $95 and include the base, pole and eagle. With our efficient shipping, your kit arrives quickly.

Fort McHenry withstood the constant battering from the British navy in the September battle in the War of 1812. When Key awoke to the sight of the flag, the poet wrote the beginnings of the anthem on the back of an old letter. Upon his return to Baltimore, he recopied it and completed the rest. And to think, it all started with one special flag.

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