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The Super Tough Indoor Flagpole Kit is the ideal kit for customers who already have a flag on hand or just have a different flag in mind they want to purchase separately. This easy to assemble kit comes in your choice of 7-,8- and 9-feet, available either as a telescoping gold pole or a faux oak pole. The base of this kit has a lovely metallic gold finish, or for a small upcharge you can get a federal indoor style floor stand. You also get your choice of a variety of toppers, that all look great in their own regard and will really help to make this indoor flagpole kit your own. These toppers include a plastic cross and or flat spear for no extra charge. With some of our other options that will cost a little more that includes the likes of the classic finial ball, the flat and army spear, Texas star and a variety of metal eagle toppers, ranging in size, coming either perched or with opened wingspans prepared to take flight. This particular flagpole kit is made by our very own brand Super Tough and is an import. Pick one of these up and see what the fuss is all about.

This Indoor Flagpole Kit comes as is and does not have a flag included. Stain of the pole my vary from the one pictured. This flagpole kit is best suited with a 3ft by 5ft sized flag.

Other Indoor Flagpoles that include Base and Stand

We also carry other options for Indoor Flagpoles that include a base and stand, ready to assemble, you just need the flag!

Wall Mount Flagpole Kits

And if you are looking to forego that standing flagpole kit all together and mount your flag on the wall without taking up any additional floor space, we carry wall mount flagpole kits that will work great for this.

American and State Flags

To round out your new Indoor Flagpole Kit with a new flag, we carry 3ft by 5ft indoor American flags that feature a beautiful gold fringe and a pole hem for easy installation. We also carry state flags for you to use indoors too!

How do you display a flag indoors?

You can display your flag indoors with a couple different options. You can use either an indoor flagpole kit, or a wall mount flagpole kit. Both work great, it's just a matter of preference, what you are going for with your aesthetic and what you have adequate room for.

How tall should an indoor flagpole be?

Indoor flagpoles shouldn't be too tall and should fit comfortably in whatever room they are placed in. Most of our indoor flagpoles come in 6-, 7-, 8- and 9-feet.

How do you attach a flag to an indoor flagpole?

Most indoor flagpoles are designed to hold a flag that specifically is made with a pole hem, but you can get around this if you have a flag with brass grommets as well. If your flag has a pole hem, you simply slide the flag onto the indoor flagpole. If your flag happens to have brass grommets, you can purchase a fairly inexpensive set of EZ Mount Plastic Clips to attach to the flag and flagpole.

  • High quality configurable indoor flagpole kit
  • Beautiful shiny gold finish base
  • Your choice of a 7ft, 8ft, or 9ft oak pole
  • Nice variety of base and pole toppers available for selection
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Indoor flagpole Instructions-2020|pdf|Assembly Instructions

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