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Indoor Flagpole Floor Stands

Indoor Flagpole Floor Stands

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Indoor Flagpole Floor Stands and Bases

Whether you need a replacement or just want to try something that's a little more modern, the United States Flag Store will "stand," by your decision to do so. With a broad selection of Indoor Flagpole Floor Stands, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. From economic choices that see the stand made of plastic with different finishes to heavy cast iron and metal stands, we got them in stock.

Fit for the Office, School, Hall or Home

Keeping the red, white and blue up and standing proud all year round can be a tough job and sometimes even the best of stands can wear down with time and break, causing them not to hold Old Glory with the proper stature that it should. This can especially be the case for flags that are used either in ceremony or for decorative reasons in a number of places. To combat this, using a quality indoor flagpole floor stand will take some of the heavy lifting, worry and guess work out of your decision. 

That or maybe your stand is from the days of yesteryear weighing in at a metric ton (not literally, but you get the idea) and you could use something a little more portable. Whatever your reason may be, the United States Flag Store has got you covered. 

We supply a variety of stands with some offering the weight of cast iron to others being as simple as a portable fold up stand and everything in between. From gold and silver plated to matte finishes, you can decide what is going to work best with your indoor flagpole kit. We also have stands for multiple flags that work well if you intend on displaying a group of flags together. Weighted stands offer more security to your indoor flag and flagpole and you can also use sand for some stands if yours doesn't already come weighted. 

The United States Flag Store carries indoor flagpole floor stands in a whole slew of different sizes, styles and prices giving you plenty of options to choose which one is going to be right for you, giving you peace of mind and giving your flag the respect it deserves. 

Indoor Flagpole Display Sets

Be sure to check out our full Indoor Flagpole Display Sets if you haven't already! These are going to come in different sets as well, comprising of full on kits that include the flag, stand, base and topper along with others that come without the flag. Give it a browse and take one home today. 

Outdoor American Flag and Flagpole made in the USA

And if you are looking for an uncomplicated flag and flagpole to go on the side of your house, the Valley Forge 6ft Silver Residential Flagpole Kit is for you. Simple, elegant and all made right here in the United States. You get a 3ft by 5ft printed polycotton American flag, a 6ft steel pole, all the fittings you need to install and even an eagle topper for it. Valley Forge is one of our favorite suppliers here at the United States Flag Store. 

Banner Flag and Flagpole

For the iconic look of a banner flag and flagpole, the American Banner Flagpole Kit has got this one down. Also made in the U.S.A. and coming with your choice of a 5ft or 6ft flagpole in fiberglass or varnished hardwood with your choice of a 2.5ft by 4ft or 3ft by 5ft nylon American Flag. This is from our very own brand, Super Tough and really does hold those stars and stripes like no other. 

When We Say It - We Mean It - Made In America
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