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Indoor American Flagpole Kits

Indoor American Flagpole Kits

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Showing your patriotism has never been easier. United States Flag Store offers customers a wealth of options when it comes to displaying the American flag. We offer a complete indoor US flagpole kit that includes the flag, base, pole and eagle. The kit is easy to assemble and arrives quickly to your doorstep thanks to our efficient, free shipping.

An indoor American flag kit is ideal for a commercial or home office, court room, auditorium, house of worship or school. They are a quality product that is made in the United States; a fact that we are extremely proud of. With prices starting at only $99, we also have an indoor US flagpole kit that will suit any retail or household budget.

For more than 200 years, displaying the Stars and Stripes has been the mark of pride in our country. Continue the tradition that was started back in 1776 when the seeds of America were planted.

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