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Independence Day Flags

Independence Day Flags

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Happy 4th of July Banner USA Garden Flags

However you want to show your red, white and blue colors, The United States flag Store has got you covered. From patriotic windsocks that look right at home in your garden or off the front porch to the iconic American Flag, you will find something that will help you ring in Independence Day with pride and style. Of course, these fourth of July decorations aren't limited to be showcased just once a year, with their flare and durability you can keep them up all summer long. Some popular holidays to break these out for that extra patriotic pride are around President's Day, Memorial Day, Veteran's Day and Labor Day. With all these creative, colorful and beautiful 4th of July Banner and Garden Flags and decorations, you can find something that fits your fancy and that you want to have out all the time.

Patriotic Decorations for Memorial, Labor, Veteran's and Independence Day Parties

Adding that extra bit of flag waving pride is all you need to liven up your space around the popular American holidays. With this beautiful Patriotic Welcome Flag - Thank you, you can offer support and pride to not only this great country, but also to the brave men and women that have served it. We have Patriotic Spinners that add some vibrant festive flare to any party, as well as garden flags to show case. Make your home the number one American hot shot spot with our great products here at The United States Flag Store.

What is Independence day?

Independence Day is an American holiday that celebrates the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America as an Independent nation. The 13 original colonies of the United States of America voted to no longer be under British rule on July 2nd, 1776 and later was officially declared on July 4th, 1776.

How can I decorate my backyard for the 4th of July?

You can decorate your backyard with a wide array of Patriotic decorations we have right here on this site! From Pleated Fans to Pulldowns, you can jazz up your backyard with dozens of choices of lovely red, white and blue decor and look like dear old Uncle Sam himself lives there.

What decorations are used on Independence day?

Traditionally anything with classic American patriotic themes and colors are used as decorations for Independence Day. This would mean but not limited to; red, white and blue colored decor, balloons, streamers, pinwheels, American flag like items, not to be confused with the flag itself and really just anything that shows these associated colors and patriotism.

How do you decorate a flag?

According to the flag code, The American flag is not to be altered in any way, nor is it to be used as a decoration. While there are many options to use American flag like decor, you'll notice that none are made of an actual flag. So, unfortunately in this case, you can't really decorate an American Flag.

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