Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential flagpole with US Made Nylon Flag

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Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole with US made Nylon Flag

The Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole with a US made nylon American flag is made for the consumer who needs quality along with a strong and affordable flagpole on a budget. This flagpole is offered in bronze silver or white and includes a American Flag with brass grommets and a sturdy header. The installation process is designed so that most people can do themselves, forgoing having to bring in an expert or professional to do so. A stylish gold anodized aluminum ball dons the top of the flagpole giving you a sleek, classic look. A strong braided halyard rope makes raising your flag in the morning a breeze and comes with two strong flag snaps to keep 'er in place. Sharing more in common in appearance with other commercial grade flagpoles outside of its class, the Super Tough Heavy Duty 20ft Residential Flagpole gets its stars and stripes for being one of the toughest in its own. While the flagpole itself is imported, it does come with a nylon American Flag that has been made in the United States. If you have been looking for a reasonably priced flagpole with all the merits of a higher costing one, this is it.

Standard Fittings Include:

  • 3-inch diameter gold anodized aluminum ball ornament
  • A 3ft x 5ft sewn nylon US flag made with embroidered stars.
  • Cast aluminum truck with pulley
  • Solid braided polypropylene halyard rope with 2 strong flag snaps
  • Cast nylon rope cleat with mounting screws
  • Heavy duty ground sleeve
  • 5 anodized, seamless aluminum tubing sections, in your choice of silver, bronze or white.

This flagpole can be installed without expert assistance or a crane, however the ground sleeve must be cemented into the ground to hold the pole vertically.

It should be noted that this is a residential grade flagpole and is not designed to fly a flag in severe weather.

If you are interested in flagpoles that can withstand a little more than these particular ones, check out our Commercial Grade Sectional Flagpoles. We also have flagpoles that are designed specifically to handle high wind in our High Windspeed Rated Flagpoles.

How deep should a 20-foot flagpole be in the ground?

A 20-foot flagpole should have at least 10 percent of itself in the ground. This means a 20-foot flagpole should be about 2 feet in the ground.

Is a fiberglass flagpole better than aluminum?

A fiberglass flagpole may be better than an aluminum flagpole in certain situations, but each has their own merits and benefits. To start it off, aluminum is the most common kind of flagpole that is available on the market today. This is mostly because it is light weight and does not rust. Aluminum that has been anodized also helps to keep the flagpole looking as good as it did the day you bought it. Fiberglass does all of this naturally and you can even get it in a variety of different colors. Typically used in both high wind flagpoles and on the coasts, fiberglass can withstand winds and corrosion brought on from salt water. It should be noted that aluminum is also used in high wind rated flagpoles and even anodized aluminum is used on coastlines as well. Aluminum is conductive to electricity to where fiberglass is not. While both of these materials go pretty close and toe to toe, it may come down to something as simple as price. Aluminum by most accounts, is generally less expensive than fiberglass.

Which flagpole will withstand the strongest wind?

For flagpoles that withstand the strongest wind, The United States Flag Store offers High Windspeed Rated Flagpoles. We have a large selection of products made to take on some of the toughest weather Mother nature has to throw at them. With some options offering a flagged windspeed rating of up to 95 miles per hour and an unflagged windspeed of up to 119 miles per hour. These come with a higher price tag but can hang with the best of them. Most of these are made right here in the U.S,A.

What is a telescoping flagpole?

A telescoping flagpole is a pole that can be manipulated to expand and retract. This is done by either a button or the user moving the individual sections within each other. The telescoping flagpole is designed to do this for a number of reasons such as to change its height, take down or put up a flag or even to make moving your flagpole easier.

At The United States Flag Store, we do our best to make sure you get a higher quality experience and find the right flagpole to do the job, fit your budget and your needs. If an aluminum residential flagpole isn't what you are looking for, be sure to check out our Commercial Grade Poles and Heavy-Duty Telescoping Flagpoles right here.

  • Includes a US made nylon American flag
  • Recommend for 1-2 flags only. Second flag is recommended to go one size down
  • Includes all accessories & fittings needed
  • Easy to install, no expert assistance needed
  • Made with sturdy anodized aluminum sections
  • Wall Thickness: Imported 0.051" US Made 0.049"
  • Check out our Commercial Grade Sectionals - Ships UPS, 2x thicker & weighs 4x as much!
  • This pole is tapered from 3" at the base to 2" at the top like a commercial grade pole; other 20' flagpole kits are the same 2" diameter from top to base so they look like residential grade
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