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Halloween Garden Flags

Halloween Garden Flags

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Halloween Garden Flags

All Hallows' Eve. A day where you will see pint sized skeletons, pirates, ghosts, goblins and ghouls roam urban streets in search of sugary confectionaries. In some cases, you'll see larger versions of these along with superheroes, sharks, pop culture icons and togas mingling together with beverages, candies and music. It's the one day a year where most get to be something else, whatever they want. Whether it's a Christmas tree, Sasquatch, nurse, or even an oversized cold brew coffee. Some people desire to be strange things. But! No matter what tickles your fancy or gets you excited for this holiday, there is certainly no shortage of ways to celebrate it and join in on the festivities.

While this holiday indeed has its own darker origins, this can be seen clearly in the imagery surrounding it, Halloween has taken on a more lighthearted approach while still retaining some of its original intentions. Handing out sweets and baked goods started with what were once called "soul cakes," in the 15th century from parts of England, Wales and Austria, among other countries in the area. This is where children would go door to door and pray for the souls of the recently passed, specifically for relatives of the household they were visiting in exchange for cake. The wearing of masks and costumes came about as a way to disguise oneself from rogue spirits who may have unfinished business with the living. Wild stuff, right?

And, without diving into a full-on history lesson about this holiday from the late Middle Ages, I instead want to keep this on the lighter side of things. So, let's talk about flags! Specifically, Halloween flags. This is the United States Flag Store after all. Without further ado, these are our Halloween Flags to help you get in the "spirit," of it all.

Halloween House, Garden and Yard Flags, Windsocks

If you are looking for ways to make your garden and yard a little spookier and more festive to the holiday, look no further. Whether you want a large ghost or jack o' lantern windsock to dangle from the trees and scare the bejesus out of your friends and family or a garden flag with a creepy mansion that Scooby and the Gang would investigate on it, we got them. We also got a number of garden flags with pumpkins on it to keep with the look of fall and this time of year.

Other Scary, Spooky, Large Halloween Flags, 3x5

And if you need more than a smaller garden flag, The United States Flag Store also has larger select Halloween flags that come in at 3' by 5', to really show you mean business on fright night.

Pirate and Jolly Roger Flags for Flagpole

In conjunction with Halloween, we shan't forget about the pirates that come to loot n' plunder residential areas with their sweet tooths. We have got an array of Pirate and Jolly Roger Flags fit for any occasion that calls for a little piracy. From Blackbeard to Calico Jack, you are bound to find something to make you feel like captain of your own ship on the open sea.

Fall Garden Flags

And if you are looking for Halloween flags, that must mean it is that time of year, fall that is! We also got a variety of Fall Garden Flags on hand to add even more color and seasonal aesthetic to your living space. From Autumn Blessings, Scarecrows and birds to lovely leaves and squirrels welcoming you to the nuthouse, you won't want to "leaf," any of these behind.

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