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Steel Flagpoles 90-130ft - Know the Basics:

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Available in extreme heights of 90ft – 130ft, these poles are the attention getter and are used mainly in industrial applications. They have a wall thickness of .500 and a butt diameter range of 14”&em; 18” which strengthen the overall core of this pole. The wind speed on these poles is 90mph making it good for moderate wind areas.


  • 1.25" Stainless Steel Spindle
  • 180' 1/8" 7x19 Braided Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable
  • Beaded Retainer Rings
  • 2" Stainless Steel Snaphooks
  • 3/8" Stainless Steel Quik Links
  • Stainless Steel Swivel
  • Locking Access Door
  • Stainless Steel Internal Winch
  • Corrugated Steel Ground Sleeve With Lightning Spike Arrestor

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Flagpoles 90ft and Up

Flagpoles 90ft and Up

Shipping Times & Costs

Typical delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks. These large flagpoles are too long for UPS. They ship by truck from a number of warehouses across the US. Shipping costs vary according to the flagpole and your location, and are typically not less than $500. Our shopping cart is not able to calculate these costs, and will add $24.95 for shipping. You can call in toll free 1-877-734-2458and we will obtain a shipping quote for you prior to placing an order. Alternatively, place your order online and we will contact you by email with a shipping cost, normally by the end of the next business day. At this point you may cancel the order without penalty. These larger flagpoles are made to order so there will be a cancellation charge once you accept the shipping costs and the order is in progress.

All poles are double spiral wrapped with protective paper and shipped in a hard fiber tube. WARNING - The flagpole shaft will stain if allowed to remain in contact with wet or damp wrappings. If there is any sign that the shaft or its shipping tube has come in contact with water during shipment, remove from the tube and unwrap immediately. If the shaft is to be stored outdoors, it must be stored unwrapped, out of the tube and off the ground.