Gold Metal Perched Eagle

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Gold Metal Perched Eagle

A powerful and majestic addition to any indoor flagpole is an eagle topper, and this Gold Metal Perched Eagle does just that. This piece comes in at 6 inches tall with a wingspan of 7 inches. It is an all-metal bird of prey finished off with a bright and shiny gold surface. This isn't one of those plastic eagles, this is the real deal. The Gold Metal Perched Eagle comes with a ferrule or strong inside joint that is made to fit indoor poles that have an inside diameter of 1.25 inches. To make that indoor American flag even better and to showcase the national bird atop it, this is the product for you. The Gold Metal Perched Eagle comes at a reasonable price and is backed by our very own brand, Super Tough. This does come imported, but you better believe it will still stand tall over your stars and stripes and you will want to recommend it to a friend.

Please Note: the 1.25" pole needs to have a 7/8" tapered end.

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What does the eagle on the flagpole mean? It is a Symbol

The eagle on top of the flagpole is symbolic of freedom. It is used with the American flag in particular and is a wonderful way to display your pride and patriotism for both the flag and America. It is a strong and iconic look and adds a special touch to Old Glory. It is, however, only to be used with the American flag.

What is the eagle on top of a flagpole called?

The eagle on top of a flagpole is usually referred to as an eagle flagpole topper or as an eagle topper finial.

Which way should an eagle face on a flagpole?

The front of the eagle should be facing the same way as the front of the flagpole.

  • Shiny gold finish, all metal eagle
  • 6" in height, 7" wingspan
  • Comes with ferrule to fit 1.25" indoor poles
  • Made in China
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Flagpole Tops / Finials
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Flagpole Accessories
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