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Garden flags are happy little harbingers of joy, no matter what the occasion.

Decorative Outdoor Garden and Yard Flags

Here at the United States Flag Store, we have a wide variety of garden flags that are sure to be the bee's knees. We offer flags that cover just about everything. From the simpler standard decorative flags that have animals, flowers, uplifting messages and welcoming visitors to your home and garden to flags from around the world. You can also share your patriotism and support with our Patriotic Gaden Flags, full of wonderful American Flag and red, white and blue designs, as well as our Military and Public Service Flags that will share your pride on a more local and even personal level. We have garden flags for almost any occasion that will help you celebrate the seasons and holidays in a unique and expressive fashion. At low prices like this it won't be hard to get a decorative flag for every season and holiday, from fall to fall and everywhere in between! These house flags will look great anywhere, from your front door to your backyard. The curb appeal of your new garden decor will be the talk of the town.

Holiday Garden Flags - Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Halloween and more!

These holiday garden flags are a wonderful way to visually spice up your space and make your house festive! We got garden flags for all the popular holidays. From Christmas to Easter, to giving thanks in the fall and Halloween. Our garden flags are so plentiful, you are bound to find something you love for a holiday you adore. We are constantly expanding our inventory, so be sure to check back and see what we got!

What is the average garden flag size?

The average size of a garden flag is 12 inches by 18 inches. These can vary by an inch or two, some of our larger outdoor flags run 28 by 40 inches.

What material is a garden flag?

Our garden flags range anywhere from being made of Nylon, dura soft fabric to printed polyester. If you're curious about a specific product, it usually will say on the product page.

Where do you put a garden flag?

You can put your garden flag pretty much anywhere. Whether you want to have it in the front or back yard, garden or even in the house as a decorative flag! The sky is the limit, so long as it's your property and you got the ok for it.

How to hang American flag garden flag?

The proper way to hang the American Flag as a garden flag is to be sure that the American flag always appears to be facing the correct way from a visitor's perspective. This means if the flag is being hung horizontally or traditionally, the blue field will be located on the top left and if the flag is being hung vertically, the blue field will occupy the top left as well.

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