Inground Flagpole Foundation Sleeve

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We provide galvanized steel and PVC foundation sleeves as individual products, allowing you to obtain the specific components necessary for your flagpole installation. Foundation sleeves bolster the base strength of the flagpole, enhancing overall stability and security during installation. These sleeves are particularly suitable for tall flagpoles or those situated in windy areas.

Our form-fitted PVC sleeves ensure a seamless fit with no gap between the pole and the sleeve. For our stainless steel foundation sleeves, it's recommended to bury 1 foot of the pole in the ground sleeve for every 10 feet of exposed flagpole height. The sleeve should have a diameter 2 inches larger than the flagpole, and the space between the sleeve and the flagpole should be filled with dry sand. Detailed installation instructions are included with both PVC and galvanized steel sleeves.