Flag Cases for 5ft x 9.5ft Flag

Preserve the memory of a loved one that served in the military by displaying their memorial, interment or casket flag in a wooden flag case from the United States Flag Store. Our flag cases are designed to hold standard size 5 foot by 9.5 foot flags (flags are not included). If your flag is larger than the standard size, it will not fit in a standard flag case.

Triangle American Flagcase for Veteran Memorial or Burial

Our 5x9 flag display cases are made by well-known and respected manufacturers including Spartacraft. We also have our own line of American flag cases that are a great value. Choose from cherry, oak or maple wood to suit your d├ęcor. All flag display cases have clear glass fronts. Optional pedestal bases, engraved brass plates and service medallions are available for additional charges.

Plaque for Personalized Flag Case

The United States Flag Store offers the ability to add a personalized plaque for your flag or memorial flag display cases. Adding the person's name that the flag is remembering or in observance to is a beautiful way to honor and remember them. Along with this, you can add what branch of service this person may have participated in and a couple lines of text. This can be anything from dates of service to their lifetime or even prominent and popular mottos, quotes or affirmations that meant to a lot to them. You can get these Engraved Brass Plates to put on your flag case to make it more personal.

How to mount a flag in a shadow box?

Mounting a flag in a shadow box is a great way to honor someone special who may have served for the United States of America. The most typical way you will see these presented is in a flag case specifically designed for the size flag it is housing. Within it, the American flag is generally folded and put in what looks like a triangle box known as the flag case. to find out on how to fold a flag to put in a display box, be sure to check out our article on How to Fold the American Flag.

Please note that flags are not included and must be ordered separately. Also, personalized engraved plates do not come mounted on the display case.

IMPORTANT: Please measure your flag to ensure you are ordering the correct size case. If you are not sure what size case to order, please call us at 1-877-732-2458, and we'll be glad to help!