null Flag Display Cases for 3 ft x 5 ft Flags - Wood Finish


Flag Cases for 3ft x 5ft Flags

Flag Cases for 3ft x 5ft Flags

Display your favorite retired flag with a 3 x 5 flag display case from the United States Flag Store. The cases are designed to hold standard 3 feet by 5 feet flags, which are the type used on residential and commercial flag poles. If your flag was used to cover a casket, it will not fit in these cases. Each 3x5 flag display case has a clear glass front. Cases are available in a range of colors from cherry to pine and oak. Officer's flag display cases are available in 2 wood finishes.

Our cases are made by top U.S. manufactures including Uni-Sim, Spartacraft, Tannery Lane and our own label. Engraved brass plates or service medallions are available for an addition charge. Flags are not included with the case and any personalized items will not be mounted prior to shipping.

How to Fold the American Flag

Please note that flags are not included and must be ordered separately. Also, personalized engraved plates do not come mounted on the display case or the pedestal.

IMPORTANT:  Measure your flag to ensure you are ordering the correct size case. If you are not sure what size case to order, please call us at 1-877-734-2458, and we'll be glad to help!