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Flag Pole Lighting

Flag Pole Lighting

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Flag Pole Lights

United States Flag Etiquette dictates flags must be illuminated if they are flown outside at night. There is a variety of lighting options that can be used on a flag pole. Depending on your flagpole lighting needs you may want to use LED lights, solar powered flag pole lights, adjustable lighting, hardwired lights, or so many other flagpole lighting products. You can find all those lighting products and more here at an unbeatable price. Keep your American flag visible from sunrise to sunset with any of our flag pole lighting products.

Solar Flagpole Lights

The best lighting benefit to solar power flagpole lights is the convenience and guarantee that your flag will be visible even at night. Solar lighting uses direct sunlight to recharge its battery rather than having to be hardwired to your electricity. Solar flagpole lights can be placed at the bottom or the top of a the flagpole. Solar lighting has other benefits as well like automatic on and off switches and being budget friendly in the long run. Find the best solar powered flag lights here.

LED Ball Top flagpole lights

LED Ball Top flagpole lights are a decorative and illuminating accessory to add to any flagpole, it is more commonly used with in ground flagpoles though. If you are looking for an ultra bright and automatic on and off light for your flagpole you should consider this LED Ball Top Light. For help with installation of the LED Ball Top Light look here.

Brightest Commercial Solar Flagpole Light

Are you looking for a reliable light fixture for your commercial property. Here you can find the brightest solar light for any flag pole.

How do solar flagpole lights work?

Solar flagpole lights use direct sunlight from the daytime to charge their batteries so that they can last throughout the nighttime or as long as their charged battery lasts. Solar lights also commonly have automatic on and off sensors that allow them to detect when the sun rises and sets. This allows you the peace of mind of knowing that your flag will always be illuminated no matter the time of day.

How long do solar flagpole lights last?

Solar Flagpole light lifetime will differ from product to product. Our Solar LED Micro Flagpole Light will last approximately 3 years if ran on average 10 hours a night which adds up to a total 100,000 hours. This particular flag pole light is the best value and one our more popular sellers.

Where should a flagpole light be placed?

First you will need to determine what direction you would like the light to shine. We offer several lights that shine from the top down creating a eye catching effect, a light such as the Double Row Solar Flagpole Top Light is installed at the top of the flagpole above your flag and below the ball topper. We also carry lights that are built into a ball topper such as the Ultra Bright Ball Top Light that will shine down on your flag. The flag code does not have specific rules for proper illumination but for a standard 5 foot flag it is recommended to have a 10 foot radius of illumination. Another option is attaching the light to the pole and having the light shine up the pole, like this Commercial LED Solar Flagpole Light. The last type of flag pole illumination is to install a light on the ground in front of the flagpole and shine the light upwards towards the flag. This High End Flagpole Solar Light can be installed in the ground with the solar panel attached to the pole and also comes with a clamp to attach to the pole giving you the widest range of options to place your light for your flag.

What is the best solar flagpole topper?

The best solar flagpole topper is the LumeGen Flagpole Solar Light which has 5 star reviews and claims it is very easy to install and also has the best price point out of the other flagpole topper products that we have.

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