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Flag Etiquette

Whether it be nylon, polyester or plain cotton, the American flag is more than fabric and thread. It represents each of us, our past, present and future. Great sacrifices and national pride are stitched into its stars and stripes, and it stands as a symbol of hope, opportunity and freedom. The flag is not an inanimate object. It flies freely with a life force powerful enough to unite an entire nation.

Since every person has the right to own and display the American flag, it's important to treat it with respect. Representatives of 68 national organizations including the Army and Navy came together to create the United States Flag Code, which became public law about a year after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This code formalizes and unifies a set of instructions on handling, displaying and caring for the American Flag. It also indicates inappropriate use and disrespectful behavior. By following these rules, you are showing the flag and our nation your reverence and pride.

For flag information and the regulations listed in the Flag Code, please click on the links below.

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