Flag Design Principles

Flag design is and always has been an essential part to any nation or culture; a way of symbolizing their values and strength for all others to see. There is a special technique and order that goes into flag design, the crucial elements being the shape, color and emblem. There are five basic principles you’ll want to follow when creating a flag of your own; its symbolism, recognition, simplicity, symmetry and basic colors. Through this infographic, we can see the various flag designs used by the seven kingdoms of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Each of these has its own unique traits, which can be clearly and simply defined through the use of flags.

The simple flag of the North, House Stark is represented by a direwolf, a stronger, fiercer relative of the wolf. The Vale, House of Arryn utilizes its recognition through a white falcon Volant with a crescent moon among a sea of blue which symbolizes night Ser Artys Arryn slay of the Griffin King on a falcon. Iron Islands House of Greyjoy , as well as Storm Lands House of Baratheon, both employ strong symmetry in their flags along with symbolism and basic colors. Dorne, House Martell also uses basic orange and red colors symbolizing the harsh desert climate of south Westeros. The Reach, ruled by House Gardener displays a rose amongst the two major roads which cross the region of King’s Landing and Lannis-port. Strong red and gold lion signals the House of Lannister, making it an easily recognizable flag while the Dorthrakis are brought on both by the symmetry of mirrored stallions and the symbolism of the tribes great stallion deities. As illustrated by the Infographic, flag designs play a crucial role in the representation of a group.

Flag Design Infographic inspired by Game of Thrones

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