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Did you ever wonder why the American flag is made of stars and stripes? Stars were chosen because they are thought to be a symbol of heaven; a place where people aspire to go to in the afterlife. Stripes represent rays of light that emanate from the sun. The United States Flag Store is all about the flag. If you need flags, flagpoles, accessories or flag-related products, they are the largest online flag vendor for a reason.


Not only can you show your American pride through displaying Old Glory, you will find a wide selection of international, religious, state and even decorative flags. There are also numerous residential as well as commercial flagpoles and flagpole kits that are ideal for indoor and outdoor display.

The list doesn't stop there. The United States Flag Store offers essential flagpole accessories that will keep your American flag flying high for years. Need patriotic party favors or the complete set of state flags for your classroom? Yes, you can find those along with a whole host of items right here.

Whether you want to decorate or wrap yourself in red, white and blue, head to the United States Flag Store. You'll find everything from an informative flag blog to unique gift ideas.